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For beginners, I recommend reading this article : Learn Ethical Hacking
It contains valuable resources and information on how to start your journey.

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A Serious newbie's guide to the underground version 2 is an e-book written by ratdance. Initially planned to be a paper, the e-book is a crusade to educate the hackers that will be by laying down the foundations for beginners so that they can grasp an in-depth knowledge of hacking. Many important topics are covered and the whole is written in a simple and concise way that even 15 year old boys can understand. It is a very good start for anyone wanting to grab an ethical hacking pdf.
Main Content: Wireless Networks, Cryptography (Encryption protocols), Common Attacks (Bruteforce and dictionary attacks), Networking (The OSI Model) and some more stuff.

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The undisputed ethical hacking e-book for any beginner out there. Hacking for dummies series contain huge amount of information on the attacks and counter attacks being employed today by both ethical and black hat hacker.
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Concerned about your online identity ? Want to know about how identity thieves operate and how to defend against those attacks ? This e-book contains valuable information on the subject of identify theft.
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