Black Hat White Hat and Gray Hat Hackers Definition

Ethical Hacking is considered as a craft of busting into personal computers or systems with an objective to investigate it, examine it and ultimately protecting it. I regard it as being an art and craft due to the fact few people can hack. A hacker, usually, can be a person which has a myriad of knowledge in diverse computer topics and terminologies  that requires considerable time, vigor and intelligence.

Black Hat Hackers

Black Hat Hackers that are also referred to as Crackers are people who enter computer systems and networks without any prior authorization. They may be the individuals who break many different reasons for example thievery, retaliation, showing-off their skills, causing destruction or perhaps any random motive. Black Hat Hackers can be deemed the new criminals in this electronic age. Several federal laws and regulations are already enacted to curb Black Hat Hacking. The IT Act 2000 which can be then several countries have listed out several ways to cope and penalize Black Hat Hackers. Many network security agencies are formed after several hacking cases being reported. These agencies work for planning security policies and actions to protect companies and folks alike from getting hacked.

Grey Hat Hackers

Grey Hat Hackers are hackers that have designed their own good reasons to hack computers and networks. They're like Robin Hoods of today's age. They can be seen as a mixture of White Hat and Black Hat Hackers. Grey Hat Hackers can perform good for some individuals which enables it to even cause damage based on their approach. One example is, Grey Hat Hackers commonly hack sites they will feel is socially bad like adult and gambling sites. Some from these breed of hackers hack systems and networks, find out the weaknesses and loop holes and report them to the particular organizations or owners. This is done exclusively for getting recognition, showing-off or some of their own motives and dreams.

White Hat Hackers

White Hate Hackers are the type who are known as ethical hackers. These are the basic ones who practices values, ethics, abides because of the laws yet still hack! It seems like strange, but yes, that's the actual way it is! This is one way it happens - an ethical hacker is authorized to hack computers or networks and that he tries his best to hack it. Now the dilemma arises - why? A distinct respond to that is that unless we have an knowledge of what is insecure in your system or network, we will never manage to protect it. An ethical hacker supplies with vulnerabilities or loop holes from the system or network through extensive usage of various hacking tactics. These weaknesses and faults are then typically fixed through restorative and preventive measures.